How to fix Google play music problems?

Hello Everyone, Are you find the solution to a problem of Google play music? There are many problems occur in Google play music. Nowadays it is a popular app for songs. 

Google play music is a wonderful app, by using this app you almost recorded any song, streamed instantly to your device no matter what are you do and where you are. Here is the most common issue occur in Google play music and solution.  

Music is most important part of my phone and my life. Turning off Bluetooth seems to make the app usable again. For some Bluetooth, needs stay off and rebooting was enough to fix things.  

some steps are given below:- 

  • open phone settings  
  • Turn off Bluetooth  
  • Again open Google Play Music  

How to solve unfortunately Google play services has stopped? 

Step1– update Google services which improve your app version.  

Step2- Remove Google play service updates.  

Step3– Remove the cache memory in Google play services  

Step4- Reset application  

Step5-Reset and re-add your Google account.  

How to solve unfortunately Google play service stopped related to issue? 

1. Format a factory data in your Smartphone.  

  1. Clear Google service framework from your Smartphone.
  2. Format your Google play service and Google plays data.
  3. Remove and again configure Gmail account on your phone.

1.Clear Google play store cache:-    

In most of the cases when open any song or app then automatically the cache memory store in our phone or system. It temporarily stores memory. It is helpful for reload the page easily. For clear cache, we just follow some step:-  

  1. Settings>Apps. Tap All>Google play store and click clear cache.  

2.Remove out your play store data:- 

After deleting the data from play store same work as the first tip, It is more drastic.  

Settings> Apps> Google play store, tap clear data.  

3.Uninstall Google play store updates:- 

Sometimes an update to Google plays store app harmful to our system. That’s why it I make sense to uninstall that update.  

  • Settings>Apps>Google Play Store, click on just uninstall the update.  
  • You will find an older version but still recent version play store to download.  
  • If you have to face the problem just click this link Google Play Music Customer Support

4.Clear data and cache on Google play services:- 

Google play heart on our android device and Google services its soul. It allows for permission to app for download on our device.  

Above method to solve the problem in Google play music and they all helpful for solving your problem. To get more information just click on this link //

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